bear bones

art and poetry from British Columbia, Canada artist Oiseau: in the poet's room

on acceptance

daughter, he
will love you with
whatever rises into and thru
him, be it geared grease of the
throbbing cycle, or bamboo
growing so fast you can hear
it thrusting past last year's
dry tubes; he will
charge you from the valley
bottom to the rhythm
of the mill, or thrill you to
the tune of past poets'
scheming rhymes; from the
near-dormancy of planted cold
potatoes lying in the clay or
the jolting judder of the
outboard, from the gut
or heart or hard-on of industry
or intellect; open your slender
legs and shoulders to his
shuddering passage; he
will unthinking and unheeding pass
into you some seed rendered out
of what has got him, at
least till he must, jealous, guard
some left against his few
remaining years

Contact Oiseau: General Delivery, Argenta, BC, Canada, V0G 1B0
The art on this page is "Daughter," watercolour on paper, 2005, 30" x 22", $400 Cdn

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