bear bones

art and poetry from British Columbia, Canada artist Oiseau: in the poet's room


some guys a
lady should not lay
awake or pine or sigh
for; some spots a woman
should not go, where there
is sand and, lonely, water
slick - don't stop - there are
some men a lady might
extend an arm or leg quite
safe about and beg
or buy, and then there are
the other kind; they say lie
flat and flail, first fling
back anything to land, to
flag your whereabouts, a
shout or shim, chemise or bag;
lips stick and sink, suck
mud till you're quite
brainless, the end most
unrequited's neither
quick nor painless

Contact Oiseau: General Delivery, Argenta, BC, Canada, V0G 1B0
The art on this page is "For all My Daughters," watercolour on paper, 2005, 30" x 20", $600 Cdn

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