bear bones

art and poetry from British Columbia, Canada artist Oiseau: in the poet's room

song of the misdressed

my clothes
in your boat all
summer - where was
I? in the water, legless
with abandon, in the
water, begging
you for more

folded neatly
neath the gunwales,
tops and pants
and scarves - and I,
in the water running
naked nearly, keeping
you capsized

your belt
round my hips all
summer, was I
faithful, was I
fishing, was I pulling
you to shore?

honey, harvest
is a gathered
bunch of seaweeds
in a handful, home's
a misspent candle
that gutters all
night, but sure

as summer bridges
as the moon pulls
into autumn, I will
hull here close beside
you, I will lie down
to the tide

Contact Oiseau: General Delivery, Argenta, BC, Canada, V0G 1B0
The art on this page is a detail from the single copy book "To Bind a Villanelle," monoprint, 2005, nfs

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