bear bones

art and poetry from British Columbia, Canada artist Oiseau: in the poet's room

this spring's channels

There where lately water
coursed under over-
leapings of deer, dry
stones turn to curiosity,
heave, shifted, while chill

new water creeked
straight down from
winter cuts strange
paths across flat
flesh, through thatch
of past autumns, slanting
shakes of farmland. My own

land now is at that crux,
shudders torn thunder
as I lie crosspointed over
your bed dying hard
back in one part to meet
your inpouring; as I tilt
to the drying of what's

over, wrinkles in the
land where seasons cut
paths no longer chosen
by new water.

Contact Oiseau: General Delivery, Argenta, BC, Canada, V0G 1B0
The art on this page is "Crosspoint," acrylic on canvas, 2004, 30" x 40", $800 Cdn

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